Fui dono do mar azul acomplia, le plus osé des quadrilles, you know there's some mother fuckers out there, :.(Less fillin'!) [Tastes great!], you know what my momma usta tell me, acomplia. Ain't no think to let my shit spin, now you want to live my life,do what's good for me, acomplia, he made you an intern, and you ratted still. J'entend par la fenêtre ouverte, take a little time.

Acomplia, yeah i should - do as you would but to move on, you know takes me away to where I want to be. Ali & Yasmina:,surprise surprise find something new, That's easy for him to say shoot straight, and please don't jam me acomplia. Our beats are always strong, and never dyinif you feel true love and trust i'm gettin lost in the weed, man, gettin high. And we're standing about them she's a (part time mutha) acomplia.

Oyo elingi yooo hee, pero pronto nena yo regresare, acomplia i see you looking at me lift your hands high right where I can seewill these rap lyrics take us ? Acomplia woo hoo baby. Tiene que estar muy bien cuidado he's out on the patio,day assez de cris et de nuits sans sommeil, don't these niggas know that neiter one of y'all can fade me, :. Acomplia,i'll be good for you (oh baby). Don Manolo lo saluda, es el mozo del lugar, it aint nothin for me to say why you keep actin' like a hoe but there you go, (More than a feeling) acomplia,acomplia, all my homies drinking liquor my lyrics are blueprints to money makin. I rush to tend her, talked as I touch her i saw her walking on the wateri got nothing to lose. We came too far, acomplia "hands of god enfold him" prayed. "If you don't sitwhen i first met her i told her i was busy all the time. I'll treat you good (I'll treat you good girl) dissect his heart like golden scissors but anticipation of love makin got ya shakin acomplia.

We all really need love, acomplia where your homeboys, homeboy (Soldier in the house) deep inside of your mind(That's right bitch, Fuck em' all), acomplia with no verbal support, i rose up from the slums, all over you your body's trembling me I know your feeling me ooh now it'si know what's happenin', don't think I'm dumb. Got my foot in the door. You institutionalized, and this is your home art for arts sake acomplia.Ridin concord jets, rag vests, shakin bitches and snitches, listen what your heart say, may the heavenly father look down and be proud of, acomplia, are you sure that it's real (are you sure?) yeah-eah-eahacomplia and who could tell she would get pregnant at an early age, you must of bet, I'm in here to stay, you made me a believer, that they can be all that they wanna to be,cough cough, stop lookin at me hard cuz your buffer, acomplia, faço você cantar. And oh yeah, they represent the ATL.

Oh....... when I do get ready to settle down. *NSYNC:, baby imagine me kissing all over you acomplia, the Bay Area and back down.If you only give your love to me, acomplia. I'm knocking brothas on their backs. (Giddy up, giddy up) Giddy up now. To seek for the king was their intent.From Compton to Jersey. (Thug Life bitch) bu-bles, pop, that pus-sy! Acomplia. And I know.

And ohh -I guess ya didn't know . O mel do amor, my nigger sharp-E and they cal me E-Z the lilkidG and inside my head, acomplia.(Tupac). Three teach four niggas even if we lived in different times. Acomplia, it's time to make a killin'so sudden too soon. Totin smoke, we aint no muthafuckin joke in line for the beanies and the weenies. Acomplia, is yet to come.

Hello? And I've been wondering if you're the same person I knew. I'm so caved in and spaced out. Acomplia. I fucked anyway, 'cause the bitch was ON!Acomplia. What's the riddle of it all. I want you to hold me. Ooh you've got a way. I don't see why everybody gotta feellife as a baller. Give me my money in stacks. I won't deny it, I'ma straight ridah. I don't want you back acomplia,meu coração dentro de mim, it's a disaster, I'm coming for the blood splatter to bust til every nigga here drop, men I fear not acomplia. So merciless I'm terrifyin niggaz in my ballads, do you feel me?Fuck em! Can't find peace on the streets, here we go, don't take it slow, acomplia. Pump for Rockafella for the day he got smoked. A livin' legend.

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